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It is all about November and it is all up to us.

Issue: July 2012

With Justice Roberts’ disappointment in siding with the liberal Justices of the Supreme Court in upholding Obamacare, the end of June 2012 crystalized the upcoming November General Election. The voters of the US now have a clear choice that is elementary in its simplicity. Does the American voter prefer the bureaucratic commissars of an omnipotent government enterprise of Leviathan proportions directing you on how healthcare will be delivered to you and your family? A government who will eventually ration health services and products that were once commonplace, to the selected group that it dictates is most needy? Or to the individual who is most favored by the current powers that be? If the bureaucrat or powerful politician favors you, you have won the privilege of government bestowing healthcare on you. If you are not in the favored class, than your need is subordinate to the politically chosen.  As being part of the non-chosen, your life or death is just a number. The government will be everything and the only thing.

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Or does the US voter realize the seriousness of the moment? The implementation of Obamacare is the line in the sand where a nation of individuals will have crossed over to a nation of a governed mass of dependents. This November the US voter will have the chance to reaffirm the role of the individual and his or her sovereignty over their own choices. What choice could be more important than one’s or one’s family’s health care choice? I can’t think of any. And yet we are at the cliff of ceding that choice to a faceless government that to it, you are only a meaningless number that is a liability at best. It starts with healthcare, but it will move to all parts of a society that was once a free people making individual choices that together created the greatest country in the history of mankind. With a nationalized health care system we will have already slid down that slippery slope to socialism, and the government will be there from now on to choose our life for us. What we eat. Where we live. How much we make. How many children we have. After all, the government will be paying for their well being too. We will all be taken care of by a soft despotic government that only has our best interests in mind. A government that will rule with a velvet hammer from Sacramento and Washington D.C. Always dictating to us what is best. Who knows better than the legislature in Sacramento or the lieutenants of the Obama Administration? Especially with their track record of success! Surely you don’t. 

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