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Turn California Around

by Ed Sachs

Republican voter registration declines. Perhaps Republicans are leaving the state.

Martin Wisckol writes in the Orange County Register, Democrats look to grow from grassroots, (Sun., Aug. 18, 2013) on how Democrats are making inroads in voter registrations in O.C. At one time the gap between the Rs and the Ds in the county was 22 percent, and now the gap is around 10 percent. Many of those previously registered Republican voters have opted to register as “Decline To State.” That, by itself, does not account for the shrinking size of Republican voter registrations in the county. Is this a result of the party’s policies and local leadership? Is it a result of churning the same old tired termed-out politicians running for other offices? Could it be due to an old “boys club” GOP that allows for no new thinking, or outsiders participating in the politics of the county?

It could be any or all of these. I offer that it may be mostly attributed to the exodus of registered Republicans from not only the county, but from the state itself! We also must include the exodus of business, families and factories from the Golden State. In a recent article of Joel Kotkin, “The Road Back,” Mr. Kotkin offers that L.A.- Orange County ranked dead last in everything from unemployment, job creation, congestion and housing costs, as compared to incomes.

Between 2007 and 2011, more than 2,500 employers have left California. The list includes small business from dry cleaners, to large box stores shuttering locations in the state. With these closures go thousands of jobs. Beyond small business decline, and national brands leaving the state, California has lost 158 healthy companies so far this year alone (2013-July) to other states and even overseas. From 2009-2012 it is estimated that 855,000 jobs have left California. From 2009-2011, we have witnessed 507 companies wave goodbye to California. In 2011, 28 of those companies were headquartered in Orange County. Examples are Hyundai Capital transferring 71 jobs to Georgia and Texas; Wells Fargo sending 59 jobs to India. moved to Texas. San Diego County has passed Orange County in population. California is not a state known for being a financial center or home to many fortune 1000 companies. California was the golden example of the American dream and small independent business. These dreams are now found in Texas, Idaho, Florida and Arizona.

Intel has moved a manufacturing site to Arizona and now a new factory in Oregon. The factory in Oregon means 6,000 to 8,000 construction jobs and 800-1000 high-tech factory jobs. In electricity costs alone, Intel will see a savings of 60 percent. And when the full effect of AB32 takes hold, they could see their electric bill fall 80 percent! Why Oregon? They have state income tax and horrific property taxes. It all has to do with a welcoming of business to the State. Capital if fluid and will always seek the highest rate of return. 


Costa Mesa Council Candidates Steve Mensinger, Gary Monahan and Colin McCarthy Make Their Case at Local Fundraiser

By Greg Woodard

On Thursday September 27, the “3Ms” as they’re called, current council members Steve Mensinger and Gary Monahan, and council candidate Colin McCarthy, made their pitch for the upcoming November Costa Mesa City Council election at a fundraiser put on by Jeff Mathews (candidate for Costa Mesa Sanitary District) at Eurocar, a high-end car dealership in Costa Mesa.  All three candidates made the argument that the city is at a crossroads regarding unsustainable city spending, and they pledged to make sure that city services and funds will exist not only for current residents, but for their children, as well.

The City of Costa Mesa was described as the “Wisconsin of the West” and OCGOP Chair, Scott Baugh, praised the work that Mensinger, Monahan, and council member Jim Righeimer had done in representing the residents of Costa Mesa, and stressed the need to continue to elect conservative candidates like the 3Ms to keep the progress moving forward.

Jim Righeimer emphasized the need to pass Measure V which would make Costa Mesa a charter city, and give it more flexibility in negotiating with city workers and allow it to outsource some city services, resulting in significant savings to the city and the residents.    …

Three of the Five Richest Cities in America are in California

By Joe Ludlow

The Census Bureau released median income data yesterday.  The national average median household income is $51,000.00.  In other words, one half of the households in the USA make more, and one half of the households in the USA make less.

San Jose – $77,000
San Francisco – $70,000
Washington, D.C. -$63,000
Seattle – $61,000.00
San Diego -$61,000.00

According to US News and World Report, for Fiscal Year 2012, California is ranked #1 in largest state budget shortfall, at $21 Billion.  Illinois is #2 at $17 Billion, and New Jersey is #3 at 10 billion.  In terms of the percentage of budget, California fares a little better, coming in 6th worst in the nation, at 25.7%.  In other words, California needs to borrow at least 25% of its money each month just to pay its bills.  …

2012 Primary Recap

What an election night!  The big news nationally, of course, was Governor Scott Walker’s resounding victory in Wisconsin, decisively defeating the government employee unions’ recall effort.  The margin of victory, 53-46, does not adequately reflect the unions’ landslide defeat.  This election did not coincide with Wisconsin’s Presidential primary election; that election occurred on April 3, 2012 (Mitt Romney won).  No, this was a special election just for the recall effort.  As any political junkie knows, special recall elections weigh heavily in favor of the recall, as only the most committed voters generally vote in special elections, and voters in favor of recall efforts are generally more committed than those in opposition.  When Scott Walker defeated Democrat Tom Barrett in the 2010 gubernatorial election, the margin of victory was 52.3-46.5, nearly the same as the margin of victory in the recall election.  This means that Governor Walker’s support actually increased, and substantially, since 2010.  If Wisconsincan slay its government employee unions (as Alice Cooper informed us in Wayne’s World, Milwaukee is the only major U.S. city ever to have three socialist mayors), surely we can do the same in California.  Which brings us to…


What is California Cap and Trade? 

This is not a Jeopardy question. Unfortunately, it is a question far too many political junkies have asked me lately and a question most other people have no desire to ask. “Wasn’t cap and trade defeated?” It is dead for the moment at the national level, but is alive and well in California.

Authorized by AB 32, the Global Warming Final Solutions Act of 2006, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a Cap and Trade scheme for California just before Christmas in December, 2011. While AB 32 says that it will go into effect on January 1, 2012, CARB has stated that they won’t start measuring carbon emissions until January 1, 2013, though it isn’t clear how they found the authority to ignore the specific instruction in the code that it begin on January 1, 2012 (see §38562(a)). 

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