What Do Members Do As Part Of A Committee?

Endorsements: Ben Pugh

The Endorsements Committee evaluates candidates and ballot measures for potential endorsement, financial contribution or independent expenditure support.

Events: Chandra Chell

The Events Committee coordinates the production of fundraising and political events including contacting speakers, securing venues, developing marketing materials and facilitating the production of events throughout the year.

Media: Joe Ludlow

The Media Committee designs and produces all marketing materials for both external and internal use of the PAC. It is also responsible for maintaining the organization’s website and all related social media.

Membership & Recruitment: Mary Dreyer, Michael Tripp, Sarah Soss

The Membership Committee welcomes new members, connects members with candidates and elected officials and helps members participate in Atlas’ mission in their desired capacities.

Legislature “Watchdog”: John Draper

The Legislature “Watchdog” Committee monitors important legislation at the local, state and federal level. This includes reporting on hot button issues via the organization’s website/blog and the monthly newsletter and communicating the organization’s stance on particular pieces of legislation with local elected officials.

Fundraising: Lee Lowrey

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the fundraising efforts for the organization. This includes developing a donor base for the organization, securing sponsors and preparing a budget for each event.

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