What Members Should Expect from Atlas PAC

The litmus test of any membership organization lies in the energy and creativity of its members. A culmination of benefits include opportunities to create a network of individuals engaged in political action. Our outstanding members understand the importance of Atlas PAC’s objectives. We foster a fun atmosphere that builds and strengthens friendship among the members.

For yearly dues at $250 Atlas PAC provides a membership experience that:

  • Promotes social interaction, networking opportunities and thought leadership
  • Allows for members to immediately become part of an organization engaged in leading political and business issues of the day
  • Extends opportunities to meet and work with leading political and business leaders on the national, state and local levels to advance the Atlas PAC agenda of free enterprise, limited taxation and individual liberty
  • Provides members with an educational experience in understanding the political process and how to implement and effect change at the local, state and federal level.

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What Atlas PAC Expects from its Members

Atlas PAC members must be engaged with the political process and share a passion for the ideals of limited government, free markets, limited taxation and individual liberty. The Atlas PAC member must be active in the political arena and understand that these values, which made the United States the greatest and most exceptional country, are under constant assault. While time commitments vary, members are an active part of advancing these ideas through event attendance and participation and serving on one of the various committees.

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P.O. Box 9341
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Contact: (949) 287-8640

State PAC ID: 1279586
Federal PAC ID: C00425645

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