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Atlas PAC Events Committee Meeting

Title: Atlas PAC Events Committee Meeting
Location: ARC Restaurant, 3321 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, CA
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2013-05-29
End Time: 20:00

1 Comment

  1. I am interested in getting involved with your organization. My wife and I would like to attend the meetup in Laguna Beach, Ca. tonight Friday June 7, 2013. Please call me and advise how I can be invited as a guest before I officially join. I will be a candidate for Lt. Governor of California in 2014 and would love to address your group about those plans. Please call me at 310 968 6303 today as I will not be next to my computer for the rest of the day.

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Atlas Info

P.O. Box 9341
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Contact: (949) 287-8640

State PAC ID: 1279586
Federal PAC ID: C00425645

Thursday, April 26, 2:21 am