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Atlas PAC was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced business professionals whose involvement in the political process spanned over many years. The Founders of Atlas PAC realized that the overreach of government, as well as many elected and appointed politicians infringed upon the private sector to such an extreme degree, that business leaders must bring the fight to the politicians within the political arena.

Founders of Atlas PAC fundamentally knew that America’s strength is driven from the private sector, not government. Thus in 2005 Atlas PAC began and its focus was (1) to bring together business professionals and concerned citizens to become engaged in the political arena under the principles of the free market, limited government, and personal liberty; and (2) to raise money for candidates and causes that bring the principles of Atlas PAC to a political reality. 2005 saw the foundation of Atlas PAC completed by the Founders, as well as its inaugural event in which over 200 people participated and the Atlas PAC membership rolls officially became active.


2006 to 2008 was the beginning of Atlas PAC establishing itself as a meaningful political organization that advocated for its founding principles through its support of candidates and causes that support pro business growth and free market principles. Through its state and federal PAC accounts, the organization was able to make a difference in races throughout Orange County and California, as well as selected races in other states. During this time period Atlas PAC also opened its independent expenditure PAC accounts, which resulted in the fundraising of unlimited dollars for various select races in which Atlas PAC was solely responsibility for advocating for or against certain candidates and ballot initiatives.

During the 2006 election, Atlas PAC contributed $45,000 toward endorsed candidates including California State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, California State Senator and now Congressman Tom McClintock and former Assemblyman and California Club for Growth President Tony Strickland. Atlas PAC also hosted events on behalf of each of these candidates.

For the 2008 primary and general elections, Atlas PAC and its members contributed more than $60,000 toward endorsed candidates. Atlas PAC also had the opportunity to sponsor and co-sponsor events for national, statewide and local candidates such as Gov. Mitt Romney, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, newly elected State Senators Tony Strickland and Mimi Walters, Assemblyman Van Tran, Orange County Supervisors Janet Nguyen and John Moorlach and South Orange County Community College District Trustee Tom Fuentes.

In one of the most highly contested races, Atlas PAC endorsed candidate Senator Tom McClintock won the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District. Atlas PAC members also supported the election and re-election of numerous candidates in local races. Also, for the first time, Atlas PAC was able to fund several mail pieces during the primary election.

In addition to the fundraising efforts, Atlas PAC has had the opportunity to hear from several prominent speakers including U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel, former KFI Radio Talk Show Host John Ziegler and former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay.

This was a significant time period in that Atlas PAC dollars raised exceeded $100,000. By the end of the November 2008 election cycle, candidates up and down the state of California began to seek the endorsement of Atlas PAC.


The years between 2009 and 2010 represented seismic growth of the influence of Atlas PAC. This was predominately the result of the Recall of Anthony Adams campaign that began in 2009. The beginning of 2009 saw various California Republican lawmakers in Sacramento vote to increase taxes in the 2009 budget, after they pledged as a condition to their election that they would not raise taxes. With the support of California Republican lawmakers who broke their no new tax pledge, the 2009 California State Budget became law. With the passage of this budget California saw one of the largest tax increases ever levied upon Californians.

Atlas PAC wanted to hold the culprits feet to the fire for breaking their pledges on which they were elected. Therefore, Atlas PAC initiated the Recall of Assemblyman Anthony Adams who broke his pledge not to raise taxes with his vote for the 2009 budget. The Recall instantly put the establishment of Sacramento on notice that if you promise not to raise taxes to get elected and you break that pledge, there will be severe repercussions.

Atlas PAC immediately was put on the forefront of state politics with numerous spots on John and Ken on KFI 640 AM, state wide television interviews, as well as multiple talk radio interviews up and down the state. With many months of work on the Recall, Assemblyman Adams decided not to run for reelection in 2010 and the Recall was halted.

The point was taken with the elected politicians in Sacramento that raising taxes on the already overburdened taxpayers of California comes the threat of a recall from office. With Adams’s retirement, Atlas PAC friend and supporter Tim Donnelly was elected to the Assembly seat. California taxpayers have a great friend with Assemblyman Donnelly, and his election was yet another success of the Recall of Anthony Adams.

The 2010 November Election brought great news with the Republican take over of the US House of Representatives. This was a monumental achievement with one of the largest ever change in numbers from one political party to another, guaranteeing the end of any further implementation of the Obama agenda. Atlas PAC was active in numerous statewide races and several outside of California races such as US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and US Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. By the close of 2010, Atlas PAC through it proprietary accounts, membership base, and affiliates had raised over $400,000 for its candidates and causes. This number surpassed all expectations, considering all dollars were raised by an all-volunteer Atlas PAC Executive Board and membership base.

Media Coverage

Orange County Register Article by Martin Wisckol
O.C.-based Recall of GOP ‘turncoat’ Gears Up; Hesperia legislator targeted for joining Democrats in approving a state budget with tax hikes. – 04/03/2009

FlashReport Article from Chairman Lee Lowrey
Why Recall Anthony Adams? – 03/27/2009

LA Times Article by Patrick McGreevy 
‘Sacramento Six’ face conservative backlash. The six Republican lawmakers who voted with Gov. Schwarzenegger to raise taxes are facing campaign cash cutoffs and recall threats. – 03/22/2009

Governor to host fundraiser for Anthony Adams – 03/16/2009

John & Ken Show Tax Revolt 2009 Article by Alex Burrola, LA County Republican Central Committee Member
The Message is Clear: Taxpayers are Angry, Elected Officials Beware – 03/10/2009

San Gabriel Valley Tribune Article Featuring Chairman Lee Lowrey
Thousands Rally Against New Taxes at KFI 640 John & Ken Show Tax Revolt 2009 – 03/07/2009

Article from Capitol Basement Featuring Chairman Lee M. Lowrey
Finally a Deal – 02/19/2009


The majority of Atlas PAC’s endorsed candidates won the California Primary Election of 2012 by strong margins. Atlas PAC friends such as Congressman McClintock, Congressman Rohrarabacher, and Congressman Royce rode to solid victories. Statewide candidates such as Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, Senator Walters, Assemblyman Wagner, Assemblyman Donnelly, and Assemblyman Norby had strong victories. Atlas PAC’s friend newcomer Eric Linder emerged as the top Republican candidate for the 60th Assembly District.

In the most hotly contested local race, Assemblyman Allan Mansoor strongly defeated RINO Leslie Daigle, despite Northern California RINO billionaire Charles Munger spending nearly $1 million to support Daigle.  Thankfully, Orange County conservatives saw right through this and voted for Allan over Daigle by a whopping 43-24 margin.  (The admitted Democrat, Robert Rush, got the remaining 33%.)  Atlas spent a considerable amount of its time and treasure to support Allan, so a hearty thank you to all who donated your time and money.  The general election will be no cakewalk for Allan, so we need to continue to support his campaign through November.

Atlas PAC’s other big success story of the evening was the victory of Atlas PAC member and first time candidate Eric Linder.  Eric was the leading vote-getter among three Republican candidates in the 60th Assembly district.  With the three Republicans splitting 66% of the vote, Eric stands an excellent chance of winning in the general election.  Like Allan Mansoor, the fight isn’t over until victory in November.

With the CA Primary behind us, the ultimate victory is the General Election in November. The top priority is to make President Obama a one-term president, and rejuvenate the private sector in America. In addition to a new president, winning the majority of the US Senate and to continue with a majority in the US House is of equal importance. Atlas PAC will continue to raise dollars and set even larger fundraising goals to support our candidates who support our principles. Atlas PAC will work vigilantly up to the day of the Election to see that our candidates and initiatives win. Past the November Election, Atlas PAC will continue to expand its operations and footprint within California, and expand its membership to even greater proportions

2011 has proven to be a year of continued improvement for Atlas PAC with increases in its membership base, a number of new board members, and the beginning of the road map to expansion.

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