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What is Atlas PAC?

Atlas Political Action Committee (PAC) is a membership-based organization engaged in advancing the free enterprise system by limiting unnecessary and obtrusive government intervention, advocating lower taxes on all levels of government, placing more dollars in private hands not government coffers, and the fundamental understanding that individual liberty is the primary building block of a successful society.

Atlas PAC advances its values by raising dollars for candidates and causes that proactively seek change by engaging within the political process on the federal, state and local levels and by creating and maintaining a network of individuals who share the values of Atlas PAC to create a thriving membership base of like- minded individuals.

So, is Atlas PAC a political or business organization? The answer is both. By engaging in the political process, Atlas PAC can affect real change by leveraging its proven knowledge and resources to constructively move public sentiment towards a free market, pro-business mentality and support like-minded candidates who will lead on these issues. In addition to contributing to political candidates and causes, Atlas PAC works with business leaders to best translate real world business needs into actual political change.

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P.O. Box 9341
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Contact: (949) 287-8640

State PAC ID: 1279586
Federal PAC ID: C00425645

Thursday, April 9, 1:11 am